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Animal Control


Animal Control Policies:
Moore County Animal Control is primarily responsible for:
Enforcing all laws of the state and all ordinances of the county pertaining to animals and cooperating with local law enforcement in fulfilling this duty.
Enforcing all laws pertaining to rabies control
  • Investigation of all animal bites and quarantine of any domestic animal suspected of having rabies
  • Canvasses for the propose of ascertaining compliance with rabies statutes.
  • Investigation of cruelty cases
  • Investigation of nuisance situations
  • Investigation of vicious or dangerous dogs
  • Impoundment of stray domestic animals

Animal Control is not responsible for, or licensed to deal with any situation concerning wildlife, unless a rabies issue is suspected
Animal Control operates during normal business hours of 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday though Friday. An On Call Officer is available for emergency situation thru 911 after hours and on the weekends and holidays. The On Call Policy is listed below:

Animal Control On Call Policy

Due to the serious nature of rabies and the possibility of transmission through animal bites etc., Animal Control will provide limited service after regular working hours. After hours is defined as Monday through Friday from 5:00 PM ‑‑ 8:00 AM as well as weekends and holidays.

After hours, Moore County Animal Control:

Should be called and will respond to:
l . Animal bites to humans
2. Bats inside sleeping quarters
3. Domestic animals that have physical contact with wild animals

Should not be called and will not respond to:
l . Snakes, etc in living or sleeping quarters
2. Vicious dogs or strays
3. Barking dogs
4. Police assistance (except as listed above in “…will respond to”)
5. Wild animals walking across yards
6. Bats in attics or open carports
7. Animals under houses or up trees
8. Injured dogs and cats in need of transportation to on call veterinarians

Rabies clinic
Rabies Clinics
Moore County Animal Control holds several Rabies Clinics annually. One year shots are administered for a five dollar fee.