The mission of the Moore County Planning and Community Development Department is to plan for growth and to protect the rights, health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of Moore County through long range planning and enforcement development-related ordinances.  Major responsibilities include zoning administration, floodplain management, permitting, land subdivisions, and inspections to insure compliance with the North Carolina Building and Fire Code.  Other projects administered by the department include community development activities and long range planning to ensure the long-term sustainability of Moore County.  The department also serves as staff to three advisory boards; the Moore County Planning Board, Subdivision Review Board and Board of Adjustment.

Moore County Planning and Community Development

1048 Carriage Oaks Drive, Carthage, NC 28327 (map)

Planning & Community Development 

(910) 947-5010

 Central Permitting & Building Inspections

(910) 947-2221


* Effective January 2, 2014 all Moore County Zoning, Building, and Environmental Health applications will be processed through the One Stop Permitting office at 1048 Carriage Oaks Drive.


      Department Reports

Moore County Unified Development Ordinance



 Moore County Unified Development Ordinance

Adopted February 18, 2014


2013 Land Use Plan


 2013 Land Use Plan

(Adopted November 19, 2013)

  • Comparison of Goals - Summarizes the goals of the 1999 Land Use Plan and the current 2013 Land Use Plan.
    • Presented at Critical Issues Summit II on September 19, 2013  

      Wireless Communications Facilities

Several neighborhood meetings were held in late September and early October as part of the submittal requirements of Article 12 (Wireless Communication Facilities), for nine proposed freestanding non-concealed wireless communication facilities within Moore County’s planning jurisdiction. After hosting the required neighborhood meetings the applicant submitted Conditional Use Permit requests for these nine proposed new facilities. New wireless communication facilities are each required to obtain a Conditional Use Permit in the County’s planning jurisdiction. Each request for a Conditional Use Permit is reviewed and approved/denied by the Moore County Planning Board. Planning Staff is currently reviewing the submitted Conditional Use Permit applications for compliance with the Moore County Zoning Ordinance prior to the cases being heard by the Moore County Planning Board.


Below are links to the zoning/design criteria for these types of towers and the submittal requirements for a conditional use permit, as well as a map depicting the proposed locations of the towers.