Human Resources


Human Resources, in partnership with all departments, is committed to recruiting, developing, and retaining knowledgeable, customer-focused employees in a healthy and safe work environment, working toward our shared goal of providing exceptional services that make Moore County a premier community in which to live, work, and raise a family. We affirm our commitment to ensuring that all employment and employment-related decisions are based on the principles of equal employment opportunity. Above all else, the Human Resources Department is dedicated to providing quality service, while maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and individual respect.

About Us

Our Purpose

The Human Resources (HR) Department provides these major services in their role of making the County of Moore a premier community in which to live, work, and raise a family:

  • Manages job recruitment, selection, and promotion of county employees
  • Develops and oversees employee benefits and wellness programs
  • Develops and promotes appropriate personnel policies and enforces those policies
  • Fosters a positive work environment and effective employee-employer relations
  • Manages the County's Position Classification and Pay Plan
  • Promotes employee career development and job training
  • Provides a county government orientation for new employees
  • Provides guidance on disciplinary actions
  • Serves as primary contact for work-site injuries and accidents

Core Functions

  • The Hiring Process: Everything from decisions about what qualifications are required to work for the County, to the array of forms, interviews, tests, reference checks, and other tools used in the hiring process.
  • Classification: Job titles, job descriptions, pay ranges, qualifications, job performance standards and expectations, and so forth. HR helps decide which classifications are needed, develops the description of the classification, and ensures that individual positions are assigned to the correct classification.
  • Compensation: How much should the County compensate employees to remain competitive within the workforce? HR uses a blend of market surveys and job analysis techniques to develop the County's salary schedules and systems.
  • Benefits: HR develops and manages the County's fringe benefit programs - health insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, vacation leave, sick leave, holiday leave, and more.
  • Employee Relations: The County's HR Director can assist/direct employees who feel they have a grievance.
  • Legal Compliance: HR staff are expected to be experts in a wide range of employment and labor laws: wage and hour laws, collective bargaining, equal opportunity, discrimination, sexual harassment, disabilities, medical claims, workers compensation benefits, and many, many more. They work with the County Manager, Department Directors, County Attorneys, and County Employees to ensure the County's decisions and actions are within established legal boundaries and represent the County in administrative claims and appeals.
  • Performance Management: HR develops policies and systems such as performance appraisals centered around the objective of skillfully evaluating and managing employee performance.

 Moore County participates in the E-Verify program administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in partnership with the Social Security Administration. For more information, view the E-Verify participation and Right-to-Work posters available here.