Yellow Dot Program

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Everyone needs Yellow Dot because anyone can be in a vehicle crash or other roadside emergency and not be able to communicate when First Responders arrive. This could be an injured parent with children, or an individual driving alone in a vehicle.

As our medically fragile and senior population continue to grow in Moore County we have found this program extremely helpful in emergency situations where someone may be become confused as to where they are or how to get home. A parent or guardian of a medically fragile or non-verbal dependant may be involved in a accident and first responders can use this information to contact a family member or how to better assist everyone involved if there are individualized medical needs. 

The Yellow Dot information in your glove compartment speaks for you when you cannot speak for yourself or your family. You don't need to have a medical condition to need Yellow Dot.

How to Sign Up

Please call Moore County Public Safety at 910-947-6317 to request your Yellow Dot packet which will include a blank information sheet, the plastic folder for information sheet to be placed in the glove box, and sticker to place on drivers side back glass of vehicle. 

Please place a recent picture for each person completing an information sheet for easy identification should someone be unable to verify their identity at the time of an emergency.

Look for us at local events to get a packet as well. The schedule for the upcoming months is being developed now, including more Saturday special events. 


See Yellow Dot articles in The Pilot, Seven Lakes Times, Aberdeen Times, Pinestraw magazine, and OutreachNC magazine. Also, see us on Facebook.

Contact Us

Free File of Life packets are available upon request to Moore County residents. If you would like to request a File of Life for yourself or for someone else you can complete and print the online form or email the Public Safety Department for more information.