When do they meet?

The Board regularly meets twice monthly on the first Tuesday at 10:30am and the third Tuesday at 5:30pm.  When a closed session is necessary, the Board may convene an hour earlier, but the public portion of the meeting would still be at 10:30am or 5:30pm, respectively.  The Board does not hold the second meeting in December or the first meeting in July.  In 2024, the January meetings will be on the second and fourth Tuesdays due to holidays.   There is also a regular pre-agenda conference call attended by two commissioners the Wednesday before the regular meetings.  Additional information regarding the meetings schedule is available on the commissioners' section of the County website, or by contacting the Clerk to the Board.

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1. What is the role of the Board of Commissioners?
2. When do they meet?
3. Where does the Board Meet?
4. Are the meetings open to the public?
5. Am I able to speak at a meeting?
6. How can I view agendas, minutes, resolutions, and other documents presented to the Board?
7. Where can I access the Moore County Code of Ordinances?