What happens at the WIC appointment?
  • Your identification, residence, and income information will be reviewed.
  • Length/height and weight will be taken.
  • A blood test will be done to determine iron deficiency.
  • The nutritionist will interview you, asking questions about your health and diet. This information is reviewed to determine if you have a medical/nutritional risk for WIC. The nutritionist will answer any questions you about nutrition.
  • If eligible, you will be issued food vouchers to take to the store to get your food.

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1. What is WIC?
2. Who can apply for WIC?
3. Who is eligible for WIC?
4. What does WIC provide?
5. How do I apply for WIC?
6. What do I need to bring to my appointment?
7. What are some examples of these kinds of proof?
8. What happens at the WIC appointment?
9. How long can I be on WIC?
10. Where can I use my WIC vouchers?