Candidate Filing Information

Offices Filing at the State level

All Notices of Candidacy for the following offices, together with the proper filing fee, must be in the possesion of the State Board of Elections by the required date, to be accepted:

  • Governor
  • Lietenant Governor
  • All State executive officers
  • US Senators
  • US House of Representatives
  • District Attorneys

Offices Filing at the County level

All Notices of Candidacy for the following offices, together with the proper filing fee, must be in the possesion of the County Board of Elections by the required date, to be accepted:

  • State Senators
  • State House of Representatives
  • All County offices

Statement of Economic Interest

Effective January 1, 2008, GS 138A-22 (d) requires candidates for certain offices to file at the time (or within 10 days after filing) and place of their candidate filing, a Statement of Economic Interest. Offices whose candidates must comply:

Legislators – G.S. 138A-3(22):

  • A member or presiding officer of the General Assembly, or a person elected or appointed a member or presiding officer of the General Assembly before taking office.
  • For purposes of GS Chapter 138A, the Lieutenant Governor shall be considered a legislator when presiding over the Senate as President pursuant to Sec. 13 of Article II of the Constitution, and a public servant for all other purposes. G.S. 138A-4.

Judicial Officers – G.S. 138A-3(19):

  • Justices or Judges of the General Court of Justice
    • Supreme Court Justices
    • Court of Appeals Judges
    • Superior Court Judges
    • District Court Judges
  • District Attorneys
  • Clerks of Court
  • Any person elected or appointed to any of these positions prior to taking office

The Following Public Servants – G.S. 138A-3(30):

  • Constitutional Officers of the State, and persons elected or appointed as constitutional officers of the State prior to taking office, (Officers whose offices are established by Article III of the North Carolina Constitution, also known as the "Council of State"):
    • Governor
    • Lt. Governor
    • Secretary of State
    • Auditor
    • Treasurer
    • Superintendent of Public Instruction
    • Attorney General
    • Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services
    • Commissioner of Labor
    • Commissioner of Insurance

File your Statement of Economic Interest (“SEI”). at the same Board of Elections office that you filed for office. A $250 fine can be levied by the State Ethics Commission for failure to file a complete SEI on time. It is a Class 1 misdemeanor to knowingly conceal or fail to disclose information required on the SEI and a Class H felony to disclose false information
Questions concerning a candidate’s obligation to file an SEI should be directed to the State Board of Elections, (919) 733-7173. Questions concerning the completion of the SEI should be directed to the State Ethics Commission, (919) 715-2071.
Note that if you have to file an SEI, you do not have to disclose felony convictions under GS 163-106.      

The following section covers the administrative aspect of candidate filing, in which the candidate qualifies for his or her name to appear on a ballot. Campaign reporting obligations may begin before the candidate files a Notice of Candidacy.
The date of the 2016 Statewide Primary, including the Presidential Preference Primary, will be Tuesday, March 15, 2016. The candidate filing period for the 2016 Primary and General Election will be from noon on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 to noon on Monday, December 21, 2015.

  • A recent law modifies the required length of time a candidate for a partisan primary must have been affiliated with the political party for which he desires to file as a candidate from 90 days to 75 days. This means that the latest date by which a candidate must have changed his or her party affiliation in order to qualify to file a notice of candidacy for a partisan contest in the 2016 general election is October 7, 2015. A prospective candidate that changes his party affiliation on this date (10/7/2015) would not be able to file his Notice of Candidacy until December 21st, the last day of candidate filing. The schedule below sets out the latest date by which a prospective candidate must have changed his party affiliation and the earliest date on which he can file to become a candidate in the 2016 general election.

No person shall be permitted to file as a candidate of any political party in a party primary when such person, at the time of filing his or her notice of candidacy, is registered on the registration record as an affiliate of a different political party from that party in whose primary he or she is now attempting to file as a candidate. No person registered as “unaffiliated” or without any party affiliation recorded shall be eligible to file as a candidate in a primary. No person who has changed his political party affiliation, as permitted in G.S. §163-82.17, shall be permitted to file as a candidate in the primary of the party to which he changed unless he has been affiliated with the political party in which he seeks to be a candidate for at least 90 days prior to the filing date for the office for which he desires to file his notice of candidacy. G.S. §163-106(b).

§ 163‑294.2.  Notice of candidacy and filing fee in nonpartisan municipal elections.
(b) Only persons who are registered to vote in the municipality shall be permitted to file notice of candidacy for election to municipal office. The board of elections shall inspect the voter registration lists immediately upon receipt of the notice of candidacy and shall cancel the notice of candidacy of any candidate who is not eligible to vote in the election. The board shall give notice of cancellation to any candidate whose notice of candidacy has been cancelled under this subsection by mail or by having the notice served on him by the county sheriff.
(c) Candidates seeking municipal office shall file their notices of candidacy with the board of elections no earlier than 12:00 noon on the first Friday in July and no later than 12:00 noon on the third Friday in July preceding the election.
(d) Any person may withdraw his notice of candidacy at any time prior to the filing deadline prescribed in subsection (c), and shall be entitled to the refund of his filing fee if he does so.

Fee Schedule
§163-107.  Filing fees required of candidates in the Primary.

At the time of filing a notice of candidacy, each candidate shall pay to the board of elections with which they file under the provisions of G.S. 163-106 a 1% filing fee for the office he or she seeks for the salary specified in the following tabulation (the table below is the 2008 filing fees):

Governor and Council of State Annual Salary Filing Fee (1% of Annual Salary)
Governor $142,365 $1,424
Lieutenant Governor $125,676 $1,257
Attorney General $125,676 $1,257
Secretary of State $125,676 $1,257
State Treasurer $125,676 $1,257
State Auditor $125,676 $1,257
Superintendent of Public Instruction $125,676 $1,257
Agriculture Commissioner $125,676 $1,257
Insurance Commissioner $125,676 $1,257
Labor Commissioner $125,676 $1,257
Judicial Brance Officials Annual Salary Filing Fee (1% of Annual Salary)
Justice, State Supreme Court $139,896 $1,399
Judge, State Court of Appeals $134,109 $1,341
Judge, Superior Court $126,875 $1,269
Judge, District Court $115,301 $1,153
District Attorney $121,737 $1,217
US Congress Annual Salary Filing Fee (1% of Annual Salary)
U.S. Senator $174,000 $1,740
House of Representatives $174,000 $1,740
NC General Assembly Annual Salary Filing Fee (1% of Annual Salary)
State Senator (files with CBE) $20,659 $207
State Representative (files with CBE) $20,659 $207
Clerk of Court (files with CBE) Check with CBE  
All County Officials Annual Salary Filing Fee (1% of Annual Salary)

**The salary of any office that is the basis for calculating the filing fee is the starting salary of the office, rather than the salary received by the incumbent, as of January 1 of the elections year.

Municipal Candidates

§ 163‑294.2.(e)  The filing fee for the primary or election shall be fixed by the governing board not later than the day before candidates are permitted to begin filing notices of candidacy. There shall be a minimum filing fee of five dollars ($5.00). The governing board shall have the authority to set the filing fee at not less than five dollars ($5.00) nor more than one percent (1%) of the annual salary of the office sought unless one percent (1%) of the annual salary of the office sought is less than five dollars ($5.00), in which case the minimum filing fee of five dollars ($5.00) will be charged. The fee shall be paid to the board of elections at the time notice of candidacy is filed.
The current filing fee is $5.00 for each municipality except Robbins, which is $10.00.

Campaign Finance

For additional information concerning the Campaign Reporting Act, types of committees, reporting schedules, procedures and reports, contact the Moore County Board of Elections or visit the NC State Board of Elections website.

Candidate Committee

Every person who is seeking elected office in the State of North Carolina and is a candidate for a statewide, legislative, judicial, county or municipal office becomes a candidate committee.  The committee may only be the candidate, but it is a committee and is subject to the regulations of candidate political committees. 

Organizing the Committee


Each committee must have an appointed treasurer (NCGS § 163-278.7).  The appointment of treasurer is made on the Certification of Treasurer form (CRO-3100).  A candidate may appoint himself, or any individual, with the exception of the candidate's spouse, to serve as treasurer.  Each treasurer must receive treasurer training from the State Board of Elections within 3 months of appointment and once again every 4 years.  This training can be accomplished by attending in-person training at the office of the State Board of Elections or a regional location across the State or by completing online training.  

For more information on treasurer training offered by the State Board of Elections- click here

Financial Account Statement

Once the treasurer is appointed, a Statement of Organization form (CRO-2100A) and the Certification of Financial Account Number Information form (CRO-3500) must be completed within 10 days of any activity by the commitee or within 10 days of filing for office, whichever comes first.


The committee then needs to determine if they intend to receive and/or spend over $1000.00 on the campaign during the election cycle.  If the committee decides it will not spend or receive over $1000.00 then a Certification of Threshold form (CRO_3600) must be completed.

Organizational Report

If the committee does intend to go over the $1000.00 limit, an Organizational Report will be required detailing all account activity to date.  The report must consist of the Disclosure Report Cover form (CRO-1000) and the Detailed Summary form (CRO-1100).  The Detailed Summary form will let indicate the additional forms that need to be completed with the report.  If an amount is listed on any line on that form, then the form noted on that line must be included.  

All forms may be obtained by contacting this office or by visiting the Campaign Finance section of the State Board of Elections website:

Basic Requirements

  • Contributions to candidates, political parties, or political action committees may be received from:
    • Known individuals from their personal funds (No joint contributions - must be from an individual)
    • Registered political committees (which may only receive contributions from individuals from personal funds) 
    • From not-for-profit entities promoting social, educational, or political ideas and meeting other specific criteria. (It is unlawful for any corporation or business entity to directly or indirectly contribute to a candidate.  This includes in-kind contributions as well.)
    • Contributions received by a committee by an individual in excess of $50.00 in one election cycle requires full disclosure of the contributors information (name, address, job title, etc.)
  • The Act does not facilitate "Pass the Hat" contributions because it specifically prohibits anonymous contributions and requires that any anonymous contributions and contributions made in the name of another received by a candidate or committee shall be turned over to the State Board of Elections for deposit into the NC Civil Penalty and Forfeiture Fund.
  • Campaign, political party and other political and referendum committees must register at either the State Board of Elections or the County Board of Elections and file financial disclosure reports. Other entities must disclose contributions or independent expenditures in excess of $100.00 by filing a statement at the appropriate Board of Elections.
  • Cash contributions must not exceed $50.00.  All contributions in excess of $50.00 must be made by check, draft, money order, credit card, debit or other noncash method.  If a cash contribution  of more than $50.00 is received by the committee; the amount over $50.00 shall be turned over to the State Board of Elections for deposit into the NC Civil Penalty and Forfeiture Fund.
  • Candidate campaign and political party committees may certify that they do not intend to receive or expend more than $1,000.00 and be exempt from filing disclosure reports. Certifying under a $1,000.00 threshold indicates that the campaign or political party committee intends to receive or spend no more than $1,000.00. The certification is for an election cycle - year(s) preceding the election year and the election year.
  • Independent expenditures - made without consultation or coordination with a candidate or the candidates agent - to support or oppose the nomination or election of one or more clearly identified candidates are permitted.
  • Independent expenditures by an individual or other entity not otherwise required to report them must disclose such expenditures in excess of one hundred dollars ($100.00). A statement showing the expenditure is filed at the appropriate board of elections in the form required by the State Board of Elections. The statement must identify donation of more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) to the filing entity if the donations were to further the independent expenditure.
  • Each political advertisement placed in any "media" must bear a "legend" that states who paid for the ad and whether or not it is in support of or in opposition to a candidate or a ballot issue and must be paid for by check.
  • Opposition print advertisements by a political party or political committee which identify a candidate that the party or committee is opposing must indicate in type no smaller than 12 point the name of the political party or political committee and the name of the candidates, if any, that are intended to benefit from the printed matter.
  • A media broadcasting or publishing advertisement must have a signed authorization for the advertisement that is available for public viewing during regular business hours.
  • Each candidate, political committee or referendum committee must retain account records for 2 years after the election.
  • Committees continue to file reports according to the election schedule until all funds are disbursed, all loans repaid or reported forgiven, and the committee bank account closed, at which time a Final Report is filed. The designation "Final" may be indicated on any scheduled report, or an additional report may be filed voluntarily.
  • Referendum committees receiving any contribution from a corporation, labor union, insurance company, business entity, or professional association may not make any contribution to a candidate or to a political committee.
  • "Stand by Your Ad" places new requirements for TV and radio ads and if not met permits civil actions and monetary awards.
  • Prosecution and civil action are barred if the committee or entity complies with the opinion of the Executive Secretary-Director of the State Board of Elections.

2016 Candidates, Parties, PAC Schedule

A committee's status as a quarterly or semi-annual filer is determined by GS 163-278.9. State and County (Candidate, Party and PAC) committees will file semi-annual reports in 2016 based on the schedule below.

Notices of reports that are due are sent by the board of elections to committee treasurers.  Please note that if the address of a committee’s treasurer is not current, that committee may not receive these notifications but will still be liable for the reports. 

Report Year Report Name Report Start Date  Report End Date Report Due Date
2017 Mid Year Semi Annual  1/1/2017 6/30/2017 7/28/2017
2017 35 Day  End date of last report 9/26/2017 10/3/2017
2017  Pre-Election  9/27/2017 10/23/2017 10/30/2017
2017 Year End Semi Annual 7/1/2017 12/31/2017 1/26/2018
2018 1st Quarter Plus 1/1/2018 4/21/2018 4/30/2018
2018 2nd Quarter 4/22/2018 6/30/2018 7/13/2018
2018 Mid Year Semi Annual 1/1/2018 6/30/2018 7/27/2018
2018 3rd Quarter Plus 7/1/2018 10/20/2018 10/29/2018
2018 4th Quarter 10/21/2018 12/31/2018 1/12/2019
2018 Year End Semi Annual 7/1/2018 12/31/2018 1/26/2019

Copies of all Candidate Campaign Committee forms and reports are on file and are available to the public in the Moore County Board of Elections office.   

The following reports available online are of committees that have filed over the $1000.00 threshold and are therefore required to file reports with this office:

Candidate Comittees



 Report (PDF)


Stephen (Steve Leader) Adams

Adams for Sheriff

Michael Dwayne (Mike) Connor

Mike Connor for Sheriff

Ronald A. (Ronnie) Fields

The Committee to Elect Ronnie Fields Sheriff

Neil A. Godfrey

Re-Elect Sheriff Neil Godfrey
Committee Closed


Susan A. Hicks

Committee to Keep Susan Hicks Clerk


Judy D. Martin

Re-Elect Judy D. Martin Register of Deeds
 - Return to Active Status


Sammy McNeill

Committee to Elect Sammy McNeill



 Report (PDF)


Wilma Laney

WLaney for Aberdeen Commissioner
 - Committee Closed


Claire L. Berggren

Claire for Village Council
 - Committee Closed

Bart Boudreaux

Bart A. Boudreaux for Pinehurst Council
 - Committee Closed

Judy Davis

Judy Davis for Village Council
 - Committee Closed

Kevin Drum

Drum for Village Council
 - Committee Inactive

Birch F. Meese

Committee to Elect Birche F. Meese
 - Committee Closed

Anthony C. (Tony) Price

Committee to Elect Anthony C. Price
 - Committee Closed


Kirk Adkins, Treasurer

Pinehurst Matters
 - Committee Closed

Carol R. Haney

Carol R. Haney for Southern Pines Town Council
 - Committee Closed

Daniel K. Kohn

Committee to Elect Daniel K. Kohn for Southern Pines Town Council

Mitch Lancaster

Mitch for Town Council
 - Committee Closed

Marsh Smith

Marsh Smith for Southern Pines Town Council




 Report (PDF)

Commissioner District II    
Louis Gregory Committee to Elect Louis Gregory
Commissioner District IV    
Frank Quis Quis for Moore
Committee Closed
Bob Zschoche Bob Zschoche for County Commissioner
Committee Closed
Board of Education District I    
Stacey Caldwell

Committee to Elect Stacey Caldwell
Committee Closed

Board of Education District IV    
Betty Brown Committee to Elect Dr. Betty Wells Brown
Committee Closed
Board of Education District V    
Bruce Cunningham Committee to Elect Bruce Cunningham
Committee Closed
B. J. Goodridge Committee to Elect B. J. Goodridge
Committee Closed
Board of Education At-Large    
Libby Carter Campaign for Libby Carter
Committee Closed





 Report (PDF)

Aberdeen Mayor    
Robert Farrell
Farrell for Mayor
Aberdeen Commissioner    
Michael Ratkowski
Committee to Elect Mike Ratkowski
Statement of Organization
Committee Closed
Pinehurst Mayor    
Saif Ataya
Saif Ataya Committee
Nancy Fiorillo
Nancy for Mayor Campaign Committee
Myles Larsen
Committee to Elect Myles Larsen
John Strickland
Strickland for Pinehurst
Pinehurst Council    
John Bouldry
Bouldry for Council
John Cashion
Cashion for Pinehurst Council
Kevin Drum

Drum for Council
Statement of Organization

Southern Pines Council    
Jim Simeon
Simeon for Town Council
Marsh Smith
Marsh Smith for Southern Pines Council
Whispering Pines Council    
Colin Webster
Colin for Council




 Report (PDF)

Commissioner District I    
Catherine Graham
Catherine Graham for Commissioner
Oscar Romine
The Oscar Romine Election Committee
Commissioner District III    
Louis Gregory
Louis Gregory Election Committee
Otis Ritter
Committee to Elect Otis Ritter Commissioner
Commissioner District IV    
Jerry D. Daeke
Jerry Daeke for County Commissioner
Thomas Leen
Tom Leen for County Commissioner
Steve Adams
Adams for Sheriff
Committee Closed
Neil Godfrey
Elect Neil Godfrey Sheriff
Clerk of Court    
Susan Hicks Committee to Keep Susan Hicks Clerk
Doyle Markham
Markham for Clerk
Register of Deeds    
Judy Martin
Judy D. Martin Register of Deeds Campaign
Board of Education - District III    
Pam Thompson
Pam Thompson Committee
Board of Education - At Large    
Daniel Armstrong
Armstrong for Board of Education
Scott Caddell
Caddell for School Board
Becky Smith Carlson
Committee to Elect becky Smith Carlson
Committee Closed
Enola Lineberger
Campaign to Elect Enola Lineberger



 Report (PDF)

Percy Bennett
Pinehurst Village Council
People for Bennett
Clark Campbell
Pinehurst Village Council
Clark Campbell for Village Council
Mike Fields
Southern Pines Council
Mike Fields
Campaign Committee
Myles Larsen
Pinehurst Village Council
Committee to Elect Myles Larsen
Claire Phillips
Pinehurst Village Council
Claire for Village Council
Marsh Smith
Southern Pines Council
Marsh Smith for Southern Pines Town Council
Teresa Van Camp
Southern Pines Council
Elect Teresa M. Van Camp



 Report (PDF)

Edward T. (Ed) Blackwell

Edward T. Blackwell Campaign

Committee Closed

John R. Cashion

Cashion for Pinehurst Council

Committee Close

Virginia F. (Ginsey) Fallon

Fallon for Council Committee

Committee Closed

Nancy Roy Fiorillo

Nancy for Mayor Campaign Committee

Committee Inactive

Scott Linciome

Scott for Viallage Council

Committee Closed

John M. Marcum

Marcum for Mayor

Committee Closed

David McNeill

David McNeill Campaign Committee

Committee Inactive

Mark W. Parson Committee to Elect Mark W. Parson
James R. (Jim) Simeon

Simeon for town Council

Committee Closed

Marsh Smith Marsh Smith for Southern Pines Council
Chris Smithson

Smithson for Mayor

Committee Closed

John C. Strickland

John Strickland for Council

Committee Closed

Joan H. Thurman

Thurman for Mayor

Committee Closed

David Woodruff

David Woodruff for Council

Committee Closed

Political Action Committees    
Treasurer Committee Report
Robert Hayter

Village Action Team

Committee Closed

State Comittees

State level committees file reports with the NC State Board of Elections office. 

North Carolina's Campaign Reporting Act applies to all candidates for public office, to all political party groups and to every person or group participating in activities that support or oppose the nomination or election of one or more clearly defined candidates, or a political party or referendum.

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