Election Information


Electioneering is any person or group seeking to influence voters by distributing campaign information by hand or voice, displaying campaign signs while loitering or congregating.

At the Polling Place

For Precinct Officials

Between 6:30am & 7:30pm, election officials should enforce the electioneering buffer zone by:

  • Keeping the buffer zone free of campaigners and campaign signs.
  • Clearing voting booths of campaign literature left behind by voters.
  • Providing a trash can in the voting enclosure in which voters may discard campaign items if they choose to.
  • Refraining from wearing clothing, pins, etc. that display a preference for a candidate or political party.

Curbside Voting

"G.S. 163-166.9. Aged and disabled persons allowed to vote outside voting enclosure. In any primary or election any qualified voter who is able to travel to the voting place, but because of age, or physical disability and physical barriers encountered at the voting place is unable to enter the voting place or enclosure to vote in person without physical assistance, shall be allowed to vote either in the vehicle conveying such person to the voting place or in the immediate proximity of the voting place. . ." 

Each polling place is equipped with an alert system for Curbside Voters.

  • Pull up to the "Curbside Voting" sign.
  • Within a few moments a precinct official should come out to your car.
  • You will be asked to sign an affidavit stating that you cannot physically come in to vote.
  • After the precinct official has found you on the rolls, they will issue you a ballot.
  • Once you have completed the ballot, the precinct official will then take your ballot and place it in the tabulator and your vote will be cast.

Voting Assistance

"G.S. 163-166.8. Assistance to voters in primaries and general elections. In a primary or general election, a registered voter qualified to vote in the primary or general election shall be entitled to assistance in getting to and from the voting booth and in preparing his ballots in accordance with the following rules:
Any voter may request assistance from near relatives:

  • Spouse (husband, wife)
  • Sibling (brother, sister)
  • Parent (including in-law and step relations)
  • Child (including in-law and step relations)
  • Grandparent
  • Grandchild

Voters that can request assistance from anyone:

  • voters with disabilities
  • Illiterate voters 
  • Blind voters

Assistance CANNOT be given by:

  • Voter's employer
  • Agent of the employer
  • Officer or agent of the voter's union

To Receive Assistance

The Voter must request assistance and state why assistance is needed.  Precinct officials are to make every effort not to embarass the voter.


  • Precinct officials must not offer assistance
  • Person assisting cannot attempt to persuade voter
  • Person assisting must leave the voting booth immediately after assisting unless the voter requests further accompaniment

The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) allows for any person voting a provisional ballot to be entitled to know the reason why their vote was counted, if it was not counted or if it was partially counted.

What are Provisional Ballots?

A Provisional Ballot is a ‘voted’ ballot, which is preserved and protected in a certification envelope until the voter’s qualifications are determined. If the voter is determined qualified, the ballot is counted on Canvass Day. If the voter is determined not eligible the ballot envelope remains sealed.

The intent of fail-safe voting (provisional ballots) is such that those who are eligible to vote are allowed to do so without disturbing the integrity of the elections. It also protects the integrity of the elections by not counting the provisional ballots of those persons not qualified to vote.

Status of Provisional Ballots

The county Elections Board will formally meet to review all provisional ballots.  You can access the State Board of Elections website or call the State Board of Elections to learn if your ballot was counted. 

How to check the status of your provisional ballot:

You will need to provide the following information:
(This information can be found on the Provisional Voter Call-in Instruction sheet given to you by the precinct worker)

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Information available:  the second Monday after the election date
Website:                      www.ncsbe.gov/PVPINSearch
Contact Number:         1 (866) 522-4723 (During normal business hours)


**Protect your PIN!  The PIN is your key to this information.  If you lose your PIN, you must visit the Board of Elections in person to determine if your ballot was counted.

If you voted provisionally because you did not show required identification at the Registration Table, your ballot cannot be counted until the Board of Elections receives acceptable proof of identification:

  • copy of current and valid photo identification or a copy of current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address.

You may mail, fax or hand deliver your proof of identification to the Moore County Board of Elections office.  It must be received before the official Canvass meeting following the election.

M100 Optical Scan Tabulator


All N.C. voters use paper ballots, marked either by hand or with a ballot-marking device, providing a paper trail of all votes cast that can be audited or recounted by elections officials.

All 100 counties comply with federal law by having ballot-marking devices available at every polling place for any voter who needs or wishes to use one to mark a ballot independently.

Under state law, voting equipment may not be connected to the internet or use wireless access, limiting the possibility of outside interference.

Marking the Ballot:
After you have been issued a ballot, mark your ballot using the pens provided in the voting booth.  COMPLETELY fill in the oval beside the candidate or issue of your choice.  (the machine WILL NOT read an X or check mark)  Only mark the number of choices allowed for each contest.  To write in a candidate, fill in the oval beside "write-in" and write the name of your choice.  Review your selections; if you need to make changes, please ask a precinct official for a new ballot.

Casting your ballot:
Once your ballot is complete, take it to the M100 Tabulator and feed it into the machine.  If the machine has a problem with your ballot it will beep and a precinct worker will assist you at that time.
If the ballot is accepted into the Tabulator then your ballot has been cast.


Select a Map Type

Precinct:   Simple     Detailed
Commissioner / Board of Education Residency District:  

Congressional District 9:   Simple     
NC Senate District 21:      Simple     
NC House  51, 52 & 78:   Simple
District 51:  
Includes precincts Cameron, Carthage, Little River & Vass

District 52:
Includes precincts: East Aberdeen, East Knollwood, Eureka-WP, Eastwood, North Southern Pines, Pinebluff, Pinedene, South Southern Pines, West Aberdeen, West Knollwood
NC House District 78:  
Includes precincts: Bensalem, DHR, Pinehurst A1, Pinehurst A2, Pinehurst B1, Pinehurst B2, Pinehurst C, Robbins, Seven Lakes, Taylortown, Westmoore & West End

BEN ~ Bensalem
Bensalem Presbyterian Church
2891 Bensalem Church Rd
Eagle Springs, NC 2724
CAM ~ Cameron
Cameron Methodist Church - Fellowship Hall
465 Carthage Street
Cameron, NC 28326

CAR ~ Carthage
Moore County Agricultural Ctr.
707 Pinehurst Ave
Carthage, NC 28327

DHR~ Deep River/Highfalls/Ritter
Highfalls Elementary - Auditorium
1220 NC 22 Hwy 
High Falls, NC 27259

EAB ~ East Aberdeen
American Legion Hut
209 East Main St
Aberdeen, NC 28315

EKWD ~ East Knollwood
Southern Pines Fire Dept. Station #2
7850 NC 22 Hwy
Carthage, NC   28327

EWD ~ Eastwood
Eastwood Fire Dept.
980 NC 73 Hwy 
West End, NC 27376
EUR-WP ~ Eureka
Whispering Pines Fire Dept.
16 Hardee Ln
Whispering Pines, NC 28327
LTR ~ Little River
Cypress Pointe Fire Dept. - Woodlake Station
205 Murdock C Rd
Vass, NC  28394

NSP ~ North Southern Pines
St. Anthony Parish Hall
320 N Ashe St
Southern Pines, NC 28387

PBF ~ Pinebluff
Pinebluff Community Center
110 N Pecan St
Pinebluff, NC 28373
PDN ~ Pinedene
Southern Pines Recreation Ctr.
160 Memorial Park Ct
Southern Pines, NC 28387
PHA1 ~ Pinehurst A1
Pinehurst Municipal Hall
395 Magnolia Rd
Pinehurst, NC 28374
PHA2 ~ Pinehurst A2
First Baptist Church of Pinehurst
Fellowship Hall
7373 NC 211 Hwy
West End, NC 27376
PHB1 ~ Pinehurst B1
Senior Enrichment Center
8040 US 15/501 Hwy 
Pinehurst, NC  28374
PHB2 ~ Pinehurst B2
Pinecrest High School Auditorium
250 Voit Gilmore Ln
Southern Pines, NC 28387
PHC ~ Pinehurst C
The Fair Barn
200 Beulah Hill Rd, Bldg 4
Pinehurst, NC 28374
RBN ~ Robbins
Robbins Fire Dept.
301 Branson Cir 
Robbins, NC 27325
SLS ~ Seven Lakes
Seven Lakes Baptist Church
1015 Seven Lakes Dr
West End, NC 27376
SSP ~ South Southern Pines 
Douglass Community Center
1185 West Pennsylvania Ave
Southern Pines, NC 28387
 TLT ~ Taylortown
Taylortown Town Hall
8350 Main St
Taylortown, NC 27376
VSS~ Vass
Vass Town Hall
140 Alma St
Vass, NC  28394
 WAB ~ West Aberdeen  
Aberdeen Recreation Station
301 Lake Park Crossing
Aberdeen, NC 28315
WKWD ~ West Knollwood
SCC - Ball Visitors Center
3395 Airport Rd
Southern Pines, NC 28387
WEM ~ Westmoore
SCC - Westmoore Ctr
150 Westmoore Community Ctr Dr

Robbins, NC  27325
WND ~ West End
West End Presbyterian Church - Crawford Center
324 Knox Ln

West End, NC 27376



 Applies To

 US Congressional District  9  Entire County
US Senate District  21 Entire County
 NC House  51 Cameron, Carthage, Little River, Vass precincts
 NC House  52  East & West Aberdeen, East & West Knollwood, Eureka-WP, Eastwood, North & South Southern Pines, Pinebluff, Pinedene precincts
 NC House  78  Bensalem, DHR, Pinehurst A1, A2, B1, B2, C, Robbins, Seven Lakes, Taylortown, Westmoore, West End precincts
 Superior Court  19D  Entire County
 Judicial  19D  Entire County
 Prosecutorial 29  Entire County


Redistricting per NC General Assembly

Enacted District Plans:

  • NC House: "Lewis-Dollar-Dockham 4" (LDD3, as amended), enacted as Session Law 2011-404 on July 28th, 2011
  • NC Senate: "Special Senate Map 2017"
  • Congressional: "Rucho-Lewis Congress 3", enacted as Session Law 2011-403 on July 28th, 2011






















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