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Child Care Centers

The Health Department inspects child care centers at least once every 6 months.


Every six months, an unannounced inspection is conducted by Environmental Health. 

No. While the Health Department is responsible for inspections, the license is actually issued by the NC Division of Child Development

Yes, a placard is posted in each daycare showing the result of the inspection as: Superior, Approved, Provisional, or Disapproved. Child Care Center Rules offer more information on inspection results and guidelines for each grade. 

You will need to speak with someone from Environmental Health to discuss your proposal. You will also need to discuss your plans with the building inspections office and fire marshal.  If your proposed business is served by a well or septic system, additional investigations will be needed.  You will also need to apply for a daycare license from the NC Division of Child Development.


The Health Department provides inspections for all public and private schools that operate in Moore County. School buildings are inspected once a year, and the kitchens are inspected 4 times per year.  

School Additional Resources


The school cafeteria is inspected separately from the school building.  The cafeteria kitchen is inspected 4 times per year and held to the same standard as a restaurant; the grade is posted. School buildings are inspected once a year, independent from their cafeterias. We currently do not post the grade of the inspection.

A school building is inspected one time per year minimum


Public, private and religious schools are all inspected by the Health Department.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Other Institutions

Rest homes and nursing homes are establishments that provide housing and general care for the aged. The Environmental Health division inspects these establishments at least once every 6 months.


You will need to contact the licensing agency, which is the Division of Facility Services in the NC Department of Health & Human Services.


You may speak to the manager of the facility about your concerns.  If they are not addressed, feel free to contact our office to discuss the issues.


State operated hospitals are inspected by the Regional Environmental Health Specialist with the Division of Environmental Heath.  County owned and private hospitals are inspected by county health departments.

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