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flag-animated VOTING MACHINES


M100 Optical Scan Tabulator


Marking the Ballot:
After you have been issued a ballot, mark your ballot using the pens provided in the voting booth.  COMPLETELY fill in the oval beside the candidate or issue of your choice.  (the machine WILL NOT read an X or check mark)  Only mark the number of choices allowed for each contest.  To write in a candidate, fill in the oval beside "write-in" and write the name of your choice.  Review your selections; if you need to make changes, please ask a precinct official for a new ballot.

Casting your ballot:
Once your ballot is complete, take it to the M100 Tabulator and feed it into the machine.  If the machine has a problem with your ballot it will beep and a precinct worker will assist you at that time.


If the ballot is accepted into the Tabulator then your ballot has been cast.




Ivotronic Direct Record - ADA Compliant


Activate Ballot:
A pollworker will activate the machine and start your ballot at the instruction page.  After reading the instructions touch "next" at the bottom of the screen to proceed to your ballot.

Select your Choices:

To select the candidate of your choice, touch the box next to the name.  A mark will display in the box.  To de-select, touch the box again, the mark goes away or touch the box of another choice.  The Ivotronic will not allow you to over-vote.

Review your Ballot:
After completing the last ballot page, touch "review" and carefully review the selection review screen.  To change or make a new choice, touch the box next to the candidate or office name, then touch the box next to new selection. 

Casting your Ballot:
When finished, touch the green "Vote" square on the screen or press the flashing red "Vote" button at the top of the machine to cast your ballot. 

When "Thank your for Voting" appears on the screen, you have properly cast your ballot.