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Human Resources   

sitting figure with questionFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

►  How long is my application kept on file?  Once your application is on file, it remains active for one (1) year. During that year, you do not have to complete another application unless the information on your application changes. You can be considered for additional job openings simply by notifying the HR Department of your name and the advertised openings you wish to apply for.  After one (1) year, you will need to resubmit a new application, but only to apply for an open position.

►  Can I apply for more than one job on my application?  Yes. Simply list the jobs by title in the space provided. Please be specific on the job title.


     a) Call the Job Line number: (910) 947-6314, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
     b) Click on the Current Vacancies link on this page to view our current listing of available positions and the status of advertised positions,
     c) Visit the Human Resources Office in Carthage where
 job announcements are posted on the bulletin board in the lobby.    

►  How do I submit my completed employment application?  There are several ways you can submit your application to the Human Resources Department:standing figure with question mark





     Ayers Building                          

302 Monroe Street Carthage, NC 28327
(910) 947-6362

Open: Monday - Friday,          8am - 5pm
Closed: weekends & most
Federal Holidays

Address Envelope

County of Moore
Human Resources
PO Box 905
Carthage, NC 28327

(910) 947-2792
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►  Do you handle the applications for the Register of Deeds, Clerk of Court, or the Airport?
 No, the County of Moore Human Resources Department does not. Register of Deeds office, Clerk of Court's office, and the Airport advertise their own vacancies and process their own employment applications. If you are interested in a position with any of these offices, you will need to contact them directly.

 ►  What are some tips to help me in completing my application?  Complete the application as thoroughly and accurately as possible. The initial phase of the selection process will be based on the application and materials furnished with the application. Be sure to sign the application. Our application form is the basis for candidate evaluation and interview selection and therefore needs to be complete, accurate and signed. Incomplete and/or unsigned applications will not be forwarded to the hiring authority for consideration.

►  Will my application be considered if it is submitted after the closing date on the job announcement?  No. You must meet the stated deadline to be eligible for consideration for any position. This means the application must be submitted or post marked before 5:00 p.m. on the closing date for the position. If you turn in an application after the deadline, it will not be considered. Please note: If a position is listed as Open Until Filled, this rule does not apply.

►  What happens after I submit my application?   Your application will be logged into our database and compiled into an application packet along with all the other applications for that position to be viewed by the hiring managers for the position. Nothing else will happen to your application until after the closeout date. The applications are evaluated for requirements stated in the job announcement. Applicants who do not possess the essential license, certificates, skills, education, or experience are eliminated from the process. From this group, the most qualified applicants will be contacted by the hiring authority for an interview.

►  Can I expect to be notified of the status of my application?   The status of all advertised positions will be available on this website under Current Vacancies.  This information is also available on the jobline at (910) 947-6314. 

►  Why does the hiring process take so long?  The period of time it takes to hire someone can be impacted by several factors; the number of applications received, the number of job openings within the department, the workload of the department doing the hiring process, holiday breaks, supervisor and department head schedules, and any unexpected events.

►  I applied for a position about 6 months ago but didn’t get it. Now I see there is another similar position available. Do I have to submit another application or can you use the one on file?  As long as your application is still active (see question #1 above) and no information on it has changed, then you can use it to apply for an advertised position. All you need to do is simply notify the HR Department of your name, telephone number and the advertised positions you wish to apply for.

►  If I do not see a job listed on the website that I am interested in, can I send you a resume and have you keep it on file, then you'll notify me when a position I'm suitable for opens up?   No. Our system is not set up to do this.  We will accept your completed application and keep it in an active file for 1 year.  However, during that year, it is still your responsibility to contact us when a position becomes available that you would like to be considered for.  You must also complete and submit a new application each year.

►  The NC Department of Commerce: Division of Employment Security provided me with information on a job opening for the County of Moore, but it is not listed on your website. Why?   The County of Moore Human Resources Department sends all job listings to the Employment Security Commission. They in turn post our openings on their database and website as a courtesy. We have no control over the information they make available to their clients or how long or when it is posted to their website. If there is a discrepancy between the information provided to you by the Department of Commerce and the County of Moore regarding one of our job announcements, please contact our office at 910-947-6362 for clarification.

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►  Once I have an active application on file, what should I do to apply for other positions as they become available?  We will keep your application active for one year from the date of submission.  During that timeframe, you are responsible for contacting the Human Resources Department and letting a staff member know that we have your application on file and that you would like it considered for a position we are currently advertising. 

 ►  How often will "new" jobs be listed?  New jobs are posted as they are approved and are advertised a minimum of 10 business days.