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MISSION: The mission of Financial Services is to provide accounting, financial operations and reporting services to County Departments, citizens and other users of the County's financial information.  Finance manages, directs and safeguards the assets in an efficient, effective and appropriate manner.

MAJOR SERVICES: Financial Services offers the following services within the requirements of North Carolina laws and other local, state and federal regulations:

  • Provides prudent fiscal management for the County;
  • Oversees and supports annual external audit of County finances;
  • Assures effective management of the County's financial assets;
  • Certifies vendors to do business with the county through vendor application forms and W-9 forms;
  • Manages purchasing functions, including overseeing requirements for bids or requests for proposals;
  • Management of grants;
  • Processes payroll for County employees;
  • Manages accounts payable and receivable, and
  • Identifies and posts surplus property for sale to the public.