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alt Every precinct official must be a registered voter of the county.

alt No precinct official can be an elected official.

alt No precinct official can be a candidate.

alt No precinct official can be an officer in a Party Organization, but can be a delegate to a Party Convention.

alt No precinct official can be a manager or treasurer of a candidate's campaign.

alt No precinct official can be any of the following kind of relative of a candidate:  spouse, parent, child or sibling.  (This is a temporary disqualification; the precinct official's service is suspended during the relative's candidacy and may resume when the candidacy ends.)

alt None of the following relatives may serve as precinct officials in the same precinct:  spouse, parent, child or sibling.

Job Classification & Compensation


The Chief Judge is the head precinct official and is in charge of Election Day activities, as well as picking up Election Day supplies.

*Election Day rate of pay:  $175.00 


The Judges work closeley with the Chief Judge and are responsible for conducting the election in the Chief Judge's absence.  They must sign all official documents and return Election Day supplies at the end of the day.

*Election Day rate of pay:  $150.00 


Assistants serve as needed and at the direction of the Chief Judge.

*Election Day rate of pay:  $120.00


Precinct officials are required to attend training sessions conducted by the county board of elections prior to each election. 

*Each training class attended is $20.00.