Forms & Applications

Reinspection Fees are based on the number of violations at time of inspection

  • 1-5 violations                                                  $100.00

  • 6-10 violations                                                $150.00

  • 11 or more violations                                      $200.00

​If an inspection fails due to the need of manufacturer specifications, third party approval, fees will not be applied if the required information is provided by the contractor.  Re-inspection fee will not apply to acts of God for example: weather related, unforeseen medical emergencies for example if an inspection is scheduled and the homeowner calls that same day due to sickness and the inspection cannot be completed.

Penalty Fees

New Residential/Commercial Construction

  • Not ready at time of inspection                      $250.00

  • Same day cancelation                                     $250.00

Any Permit other than New Residential/Commercial Construction

  • Not ready at time of inspection                      Cost of permit

  • Same day cancelation                                     Cost of permit

Forms and Applications


If you are developing property or planning any type of construction work within the unincorporated area of Moore County then you should first contact the Moore County Planning Department. We will assist you with the process of land development & construction in the county.

We can be reached at 910-947-2221 or 910-947-5010  Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.

Building Applications


  • Residential Permit Application Packet (PDF) (Online)
  • Manufactured Home Permit Application Packet (PDF) (Online)
  • Docks, Piers and Bulkhead Permit Application Packet (PDF) (Online
    • NC Residential Code Exemption Certification Application for Piers & Docks (PDF)


  • Commercial Permit Application Packet  & Building Code Summary - Appendix B (Online)
  • Sign Permit Application Packet (PDF) (Online)


  • Generator Permit Application Packet (PDF) (Online)
  • Individual Trade Permit Application Packet (electrical, mechanical, plumbing) (PDF) (Online)
  • Irrigation, Water/Sewer Line Permit Application (please read all requirements carefully before submitting to central permitting) (PDF) (Online)
  • ABC/ATF Permit Application Packet (PDF) (Online)
  • Change in Use Permit Application Packet (PDF) (Online)
  • In Home Child Care/Family Care Home Permit Application Packet (PDF) (Online)
  • Demolition Permit Application Packet (PDF) (Online)
  • Swimming Pool Permit Application Packet (PDF) (Online)
  • Request for Conditional Power (PDF)
  • Bona Fide Farm Determination (PDF) (Online)
  • Owner Exemption Affidavit (PDF)
  • Change of Contractor Form (PDF)
  • Information Request Form (PDF)



Wireless Communications
  • Co-Located Wireless Communication Facilities Application (PDF) (Online)
  • Wireless Communications Facilities Biennial Operating Permit (PDF) (Online)
  • (WCF) Wireless Communications Facilities Application Packet (PDF) (Online) Single Owner  Joint Owner
Departmental Appeals or Complaints
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