Subdivision Review Board

Moore County Subdivision Review Board: The Moore County Subdivision Review Board is established as the designated planning agency to review all major preliminary subdivision plats and minor subdivision plats, where applicable, within the planning jurisdiction of Moore County.

The SRB shall consist of nine members, which shall include representatives of the following departments or agencies: Planning and Zoning (1), Environmental Health (1), Public Utilities (1), Emergency Services (1), Geographical Informational Service (1) and Moore County Schools (1). A representative of Parks and Recreation shall serve in a non-voting, advisory role at the meetings where issues related to Parks are discussed. In addition to these representatives, two citizen members shall be appointed by the Board of Commissioners, one of which shall be a North Carolina licensed surveyor. There shall also be an alternate surveyor, who shall serve in the event of a conflict of interest for the regular surveyor member only.

Meetings of the Subdivision Review Board are called as needed to review preliminary plats and amendments to the Subdivision Regulations.

Meeting Minutes and Agendas
2015 Subdivision Review Board Meeting Schedule
2015 Subdivision Review Board Meetings
May 5, 2015 Packet Minutes
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