Sales & Rentals

Equipment for Rent

The Conservation district has two no-till sod planters and one Brillion seeder available for rent at $15 per acre with a $100 minimum rental . This equipment can be used to plant wheat, oats, grass seed and soybeans.  Call 947-5183 ext.3 to schedule rental. CASH OR CHECK ONLY*

No-till Sod Planter

Tree Seedling Sales

The Moore Soil and Water Conservation District is now accepting orders for the 2022-2023 planting season. The best time to plant trees is December through March. You may place your order for trees to be picked up mid-December. We will notify you by phone when they arrive. Orders will continue as long as supplies last. You are urged to order early.  
To place your order, mail your check made payable to the Moore Soil and Water Conservation District, P.O. Box 908, Carthage, NC 28327. Please enclose a note listing the kind and number of trees desired. Make sure to include your name, address, and telephone number. If you have questions concerning the order please call 910-722-3166. Don’t delay; orders are taken until they are filled. *Proceeds benefit the District Scholarship Fund*
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