North Carolina Sheriffs' Association

The North Carolina Sheriffs' Association is the statewide organization of our state's 100 Sheriffs. Through their Association, the Sheriffs work to strengthen the professional law enforcement services their offices provide to the people of North Carolina.

Medicine Drop

Moore County residents can safely dispose of expired or unused prescription medications at drop boxes conveniently located at the Moore County Sheriff's Office and the Seven Lakes Prescription Shoppe (120 MacDougall Drive, Seven Lakes).

Incident Reports

Incident reports are completed by the Moore County Sheriff's Office for the purpose of documenting crime, lost or found property, and other incidents. If the incident occurs in a local municipality, you should file a report with that agency (i.e. Carthage Police Department, Southern Pines Police Department, Aberdeen Police Department, etc.) If the incident occurs in the county and you need to file a report you may call the Moore County Sheriff's Office at 910-947-2931 or come by the Sheriff's Office Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Sex Offender Location Map

Subjects convicted of certain crimes in North Carolina are required to register as sex offenders with their local Sheriff's Office. This registration may be for a certain number of years or for a lifetime depending on the conviction. The Sheriff's Office maintains a county registry, but a statewide registry is maintained online by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations. The statewide registry can be searched by county, address, name, zip code, or coordinates. The statewide registry may be viewed online.

Safety Education

The Moore County Sheriff's Office currently offers safety education classes to civic organizations, boy scouts, women's organizations, church groups, and home health professionals. If you are interested in scheduling a class, call the Sheriff's Office at 910-947-2931.

Another great resource is the Hometown Security page which includes existing incident-preparedness tools as well as new resources including a fact sheet to help direct small and mid-sized businesses to free tools and resources. The webpage was created to assist in the outreach efforts to communities nationwide, to reach businesses that attract large numbers of people, including but not limited to places of worship, restaurants, grocery stores, and other venues that enable communities to thrive.

The Moore County Sheriff's Office also offers Community Watch Programs for neighborhoods and small communities.