Family Outreach Services

Pregnancy Care Management (PCM)

Formerly known as Maternity Care Coordination, Pregnancy Care Management provides case management for Medicaid-eligible women. Pregnancy Care Managers can assist with referrals to community resources, applications for assistance/resources, and prenatal/parenting/newborn care education.

Care Coordination for Children (CC4C)

A voluntary and free service, Care Coordination for Children (previously known as Child Service Coordination) ensures that children are raised in healthy, safe environments by supporting families and connecting them with vital services. CC4C care managers can help with finding medical care, transportation, childcare, and /or financial aid. They can also provide you with information about a wide variety of family-oriented resources.

More Information

For more information about PCM and CC4C, please follow the links below or contact the Moore County Health Department's Social Work Supervisor at 910-947-4520.