Locating a Non-Custodial Parent

Child Support accesses various resources including the Employment Security Commission, Department of Transportation, U.S. Postal Service, Department of Corrections, and many other sources to assist in locating a parent.

Establish Paternity

This action determines who the legal father is for a child who is born to unmarried parents. Paternity can be established by voluntary acknowledgement or by a court order.
Establish Child Support Orders

An order is a legal document which describes the amount of child support to be paid monthly.
Collection/Distribution of Child Support

Funds are collected at a centralized collection agency at the State level and are distributed based on Federal regulations.
Enforcement of Child Support Orders

Child Support can initiate various actions to require a non-custodial parent to pay child support including income withholding, court action, income tax interception, and revocations of various licenses.
Interstate Services

If one of the parties involved in a child support case lives in a state other than North Carolina, the case may be considered an interstate case. The same services are provided in these cases, as in local cases, but can be more time consuming than in local cases.