Community Outreach

Maintaining community contact is the life blood of the 911 emergency response effort. Making available public education opportunities services to increase citizen knowledge and understanding why 911 is the epicenter of the public safety system. It is important that persons understand the functions of the emergency response process beginning with a 911 call to the arrival of Police, Fire, Rescue and EMS services.

Although the Moore County 911 Center is a secure facility requiring restricted access, organized tours are welcomed. When visiting the 911 Center, visitors are given an opportunity to learn the "do's and don'ts" of calling 911 including what questions will be asked by the dispatcher. Tours may be scheduled by calling the Communications Manager. It is preferred that the requestor provide at least 1 week's notice. Tours with 10 or more persons may be divided into two groups during the tour session. Adult supervision is required for Youth tours. Tour hours are flexible; we never closed.