Some foster children will never go back to their birth family. We are committed to the principle that every one of these children deserves a "forever family". We have the firm belief that a safe, permanent, and nurturing home can be found for any child who needs one. We also firmly believe that we are responsible for enabling this. Adoption Services are designed to find permanent homes for children and to provide support to the families who adopt them.

Children waiting for adoption include:

  • Children with special needs, such as physical, mental, and emotional disabilities
  • Sibling groups and teenagers
  • Minority children, especially African American males

Many children available for adoption are eligible for monthly maintenance payments, medical benefits, and other services. Adoption Assistance is available for all children whose status and special needs meet certain criteria. Children who are considered special needs include children with physical, mental, developmental, and emotional disabilities as well as sibling groups, older children, and children of color. Moore County Department of Social Services (MCDSS) determines individual eligibility based on specific criteria. We then negotiate with adoptive parents to meet their needs through an adoption assistance agreement.

The monthly adoption assistance payment in North Carolina is computed on a graduate level based on the age of the child. This is our current payment structure:

  • $475 - children ages 0 to 5
  • $581 - children ages 6 to 12
  • $634 - children ages 13 to 18

Supplemental adoption assistance payments for HIV-positive children are also available.

North Carolina utilizes an Adoption Exchange program called NC Kids that serves to connect children needing homes to families wanting to adopt. Program Consultants at NC Kids answer inquiries from families interested in the adoption process. NC Kids also continually updates the Adopt US Kids website to connect waiting children and families. Most of the foster children available for adoption in North Carolina are on the website, along with a photo and a brief profile about the child or sibling group.

If you would like more information about Adoption Services in North Carolina, contact the NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network at 1-877 NCKIDS-1 (877-625-4371. You may also contact MCDSS via phone at 910-947-2436.