• 2023 to 2024 Subdivision Review Board Meetings and Deadlines (PDF)
  • Exempt/Review Officer Only/Recombination Subdivision Checklist (PDF)
  • Exempt/Minor Subdivision Application (Online)
  • Minor Subdivision Checklist (PDF)
  • Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat Special Use Permit Application (PDF) (Online)
  • Special Use Permit Application (PDF) (Online)


  • Conventional Rezoning Application (PDF) (Online)
  • Conditional Rezoning Application (PDF) (Online)
  • Special Non-Residential Intensity Allocation Application (PDF) (Online)
  • Extra Territorial Jurisdiction Expansion Application (PDF) (Online)
  • Variance Application (PDF) (Online)
  • Text Amendment Application (PDF) (Online)
  • Temporary Event Application (PDF) (Online)
  • Zoning Permit Application (PDF) (Online)
  • Pre-Application Conference Form (PDF) (Online)

Wireless Communications

  • Co-Located Wireless Communication Facilities Application (PDF) (Online)
  • Wireless Communications Facilities Application Packet (PDF) (Online)

Departmental Appeals or Complaints