HeartSafe Moore County

About HeartSafe Moore County (HSMC)

HeartSafe Moore County (HSMC), which was formed in November 2007, is a group of community leaders committed to raising awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

They are advocates for public access defibrillation (PAD) programs and have one goal - to save lives through early defibrillation.

HSMC's program objectives include ensuring that Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are available in all public schools, public recreation areas, churches, businesses, and places where there are large groups of individuals gathered.

Community awareness of SCA and the need for AEDs is growing. Currently there are more than 300 registered AED locations in Moore County

The downtown area of Southern Pines is now recognized as one of the first HeartSafe Communities in the state - thanks to a network of publicly accessible AEDs located along the downtown sidewalks in cooperation with the Southern Pines Fire Department.

Our Goal

Together HSMC is implementing and expanding an efficient and effective network for utilizing an AED in a timely fashion when needed in all of Moore County.

Our Mission

Saving Moore Lives through Public Access Defibrillation

Our Model

A bulk purchase agreement with a preferred AED vendor allows you to join the HeartSafe family at a significantly reduced price while Moore County EMS staff assists you with deployment, training, and policies.

Contact Us

Visit the Moore County Department of Public Safety website or call them at 910-947-6500 to get more information about how to purchase and implement a Public Access Defibrillation Program in your location.