Committee Reports

Copies of all Candidate Campaign Committee forms and reports are on file and are available to the public in the Moore County Board of Elections office. The following reports available online are of committees that have filed over the $1000 threshold and are therefore required to file reports with this office.

Candidate Comittees

  1. 2023 Committees
Candidate/OfficeCommitteeReport (PDF)
Town of AberdeenMayor
Teressa BeaversLeave it to Beavers
Village of PinehurstCouncil
Lydia BoeschRe-Elect Lydia
Claire BerggrenClaire for Council
Barbara FicklinBarb Ficklin for Council
Cara MathisMathis for Pinehurst
John H. TaylorTaylor for Council
Village of PinehurstMayor
Kevin DrumDrum for Mayor
Jeffrey S MorganMorgan for Mayor
Patrick PizzellaPatrick Pizzella for Pinehurst Mayor
Town of Southern PinesCouncil
William PatePate for Council
Town of Southern PinesMayor
Taylor ClementTaylor for Mayor
Town of VassMayor
Angela VacekCommittee to Elect Angela Vacek

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State Committees

State level committees file reports with the NC State Board of Elections office.

Search State Committee Reports

North Carolina's Campaign Reporting Act applies to all candidates for public office, to all political party groups and to every person or group participating in activities that support or oppose the nomination or election of one or more clearly defined candidates, or a political party or referendum.