The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department provides engineering services to Public Utilities, Wastewater Pollution Control and other departments. The Engineering Division assures that capital projects and other construction activities are completed efficiently and in a timely manner with high-quality standards. Services provided include the following:

  • Customer Service- Provide information to residents, developers, and anyone else interested in connecting to the County water and/or sewer system and resolving public concerns while promoting safety. This provides the orderly expansion of the water and sewer systems.
  • Developer's Consultations- provide information for the development of water and/or sewer infrastructure to ensure their design meets all applicable standards.
  • Design Services- include professional engineering for publicly funded Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects, planning, design, and drafting of water and wastewater projects, project management from start to finish, design review, preparation of the project's construction documents, and procurement of contractors for construction.
  • Construction Phase Services- includes construction administration and observation of all CIP Projects and Developer projects.
  • Data Gathering Services- includes assisting GIS Department and other surveyors in locating infrastructure and mapping as-built drawings.

Engineering Fees

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  • Letter of Intent (projects of 10 or less Residential Equivalent Units)- $70
  • Letter of Intent (projects greater than 10 Residential Equivalent Units)- $135
  • Preliminary Plan Review- $190
  • Hydrant Flow Test- $150
  • Water/Sewer Modeling Fees- $200
  • Construction Phase Review (per Residential Equivalent Unit)- $35
  • Deed of Dedication- Recordation- $26